Press Releases

The Austrian media reports regularly about the major transactions especially acquisition which are undertaken by our clients. In some of such reports the newspaper will name the law firm, which has represented the client in such a business transaction. The following we list a selection of some of such reports, where we have been named in the respective newspapers or media reports:

KERRES | PARTNERS represents aggrieved investors of Immofinanz

Incorrect advice: compensation for the artisans of Petrikovics

Kerres | Partners has won a judgment in proceedings for an investor before the Higher Regional Court of Vienna.

KERRES | PARTNERS wins Immofinanz process: Constantia Privatbank AG widespread "aware of information which gives misleading signals"

KERRES | PARTNERS represents the estates of world artist Franz West

Investor will receive millions of damages for Immofinanz

KERRES | PARTNERS represents FCC in the acquisiton of Alpine Mayreder

Kerres about news in the real estate market of Ukraine

KERRES | PARTNERS represents the Spanish construction company FCC

Dr Christoph Kerres explains Alpine Mayreder

Dr Christoph Kerres achieves major decisions before the EUGH

Kerres represents Clean Car prior the European court of justice

Christoph Kerres has been nominated to the board of A.S.A. Abfall Service AG

KERRES | PARTNERS represents Canadian software company Open Text

KERRES | PARTNERS advices the transaction of the ANA Grand Hotel

KERRES | PARTNERS represents the family Habsburg

Dr Christoph Kerres represents the Czech Komercni Banka against BLC Trading

The law firm KERRES | PARTNERS has cooperated with the artist Miguel Henz

Christoph Kerres has been licensed as attorney at law in Austria New York.

Presentation of Austrian Bank Secret

Essay about Austrian Private Foundations